Quality Control

Commitment And Innovation For A "Sustainable" All Tiles.

Alwan Ceramic has a quality and innovation team that comprises quality inspectors and experienced professionals. The QA unit continually ensures each turnout tile product of the export and import embossing, and distribution processes strictly put up the obligatory superiority, safety, and ecological guiding principle. The global tile manufacturing market and quality ethics set laws and standards. Every digitally vitrified tile product meets the international authorized quality and is marked by the prominent and leading ISO and CE certifications. To assure quality standards in export, the shipping and logistics phase is to team up with the top logistic partners locally and globally. The ordered digitally vitrified tiles and porcelain tile products are well documented and adhere to the exported country's standard shipping regulations.

QC inspection of ceramic tiles:

Quality Control Tests have to also be preformed in the manufacturing stage. This type of quality control consists of charts that are used to record particle size, milling time, drying temperature, time, compaction pressure, dimensions after pressing, density, firing temperature and time.

Ceramic tiles, glazed ceramic wall tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles, quarry tiles, or paver tiles have several quality control tests that are used to meet product specifications.

Resistance of Ceramic Tile to Chemical Substances

Resistance of Ceramic Tile to Chemical Substances Test is used for testing ceramic tiles that are to be used as food preparation counters, bathrooms, flooring in residential and commercial buildings, where tiles may become exposed to food, and chemicals.

Breaking Strength of Ceramic Tile

Breaking Strength of Ceramic Tile Test establishes whether or not a ceramic tile, glazed ceramic wall tile, ceramic mosaic tile, quarry tile, or paver tile meets the strength requirements as noted in the ceramic tile specifications.